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ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key


Review Unit 6

Exercise 1 page 70
1 cheerfulness

2 flexibility

3 modest

4 idealistic
5 shyness

6 thoughtfulness

7 pessimistic 8 honest

Exercise 2 page 70
1 sympathetic

2 cheerfulness

3 ambitious

4 patience
5 creativity

6 enthusiastic

7 self-confident

Exercise 3 page 70
1 have

2 lack

3 have

4 be

5 have

6 show

Exercise 4 page 70
1 called it off

2 came across them

3 look up to him
4 take after him

5 brought it up

6 came up with it
7 asked her out

8 count on her

Exercise 5 page 70
1 Could you

2 I was

3 I’d like

4 May I
5 I’d be

6 Could I ask

Exercise 6 page 70
1 who

2 no pronoun

3 where

4 whose
5 no pronoun

6 which

Exercise 7 page 71
1 The girl with whom he fell in love was an old school friend.
2 The subject about which most students complain is physics.

3 The room in which we have our meetings is not air-conditioned.

4 The man to whom I gave the message did not pass it on.

5 The boy about whom I was telling you no longer attends my school.

6 The train on which we were travelling did not serve meals.

Exercise 8 page 71

1 A friend of mine, whose mother is a company director,helped me get a job.

2 The new shopping centre, whichhas over 200 different stores, will open next month.

3 Next summer, we’re going to Ibiza, where my aunt anduncle have an apartment.

4 My tennis coach, who isnearly always on time, was late today.

5 My friendshowed me a photo of her new boyfriend, who is a policeofficer.

6 That girl over there, whose name I don’tremember, used to be in my class.

7 Thank you for yourletter, which arrived yesterday morning.

8 The GrandHotel, where my brother works, has offered me a job.

Exercise 9 page 71
1 b

2 b

3 a

4 c

5 a

6 c

7 b

8 a

9 c

10 a

Руский Барин
Телевизор посмотрел? Иди похрюкай в поле, да Руских людей матом не называй, да и про матушку помалкивай, мы захватили половину вашей территории, хохол. У нас самая сильная армия в мире, мы и ваших дружков НАТОвцев разобьем, и Украину захватим
пошли нахуй москали ебаные в аду горите швали ваша россия ебаная никому не нужна но за то с удовольствием посмотрю как кремль взорвется, поплачьте
Завали ебало сын шлюхиииииииииии, Я твоей матери ебло топтал ногами пока она не захлебнулась в собственной крови. 10y.o Уебан блять, твоего отца уже давно расстреляли где-то под Харьковом. Подожди ещё 2 месяца и мы вас Уничтожем, всех нахуй ВСЕХ.
сосите хохлы
ні бл*ять сама до себе
Ти до мене?
от блять не подобаеться то пиши сам
От де переключити сторінки на 91 чи я маю гортати
Ви не правду пишете
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