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ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key


6E Word Skills

Phrasal verbs (2)

Exercise 1 page 66

1 came up with

2 thrown away

3 ran out of
4 came across

5 look, up

6 worked, out

7 look up to

8 turned into

Exercise 2 page 66
1 look after

2 take after

3 hold, up
4 look down on

5 count on

Exercise 3 page 66
1 He needed a lot of courage to ask her out.

2 I hope hedoesn’t bring them up when I see him

3 They called it offbecause of the snow.

4 The members are calling for himto resign as their leader.

5 She’s going to give it up for ayear.

6 You should clean them up before you sell them.

Exercise 4 page 66

Separable look sth up, throw sth away, work sth out

Inseparable come across sth, come up with sth, look up tosb, run out of sth, turn into sth

Exercise 5 page 66

1 run out of them

2 If you come across it

3 you should look it up

4 My friend came up with it

5 so don’t throw them away

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