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ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key



6G Speaking

Guided conversation

Exercise 1 page 68
Job A (fruit picking)

1 pick apples

2 put them in boxes
Salary £8 p/h

Hours 7 a.m.–4 p.m.

Accommodation No


Boy I’m ringing to enquire about the job of fruit-picker,which I saw advertised on your website. Could I possibly askyou some questions about it?Manager Certainly. What would you like to know?

B Well, first of all, may I ask what the responsibilities are?M That’s an easy question to answer. You have to pickapples. And then you put them into boxes.

B I see. Another thing I wanted to know is, how much doyou pay?

M We pay quite well. It’s £8 an hour. Your total salarydepends on how many hours you work, of course.

B Speaking of hours, what time would I start work? Andwhat time would I finish?

M We start early, at seven in the morning and finish at fourin the afternoon.

B Moving on to the question of accommodation, do youprovide your workers with anywhere to stay, or do we haveto find out own accommodation

M No we don’t provide accommodation, I’m afraid, but thereis a large hostel near the farm.

B OK, thanks very much for your help. I’ll have a think aboutit and get back to you.

M You’re welcome. Bye now.

B Goodbye.


Exercise 2 page 68

1 question

2 thing

3 Something

4 ask

5 Speaking

6 reminds


Exercise 3 page 68

Moving on to the question of ...,

Another thing Iwanted to ask / know is ...

Could I possibly ask youabout ...

?, Speaking of ...


See exercise 1.

Exercise 4 page 68
1 b

2 c

3 e

4 a

5 d


Exercise 5 page 68
1 hotel receptionist

2 checking guests in
3 checking guests out

4 answering the phone
5 £250 for a 35-hour week

6 No



Receptionist Hello. King Edward Hotel. Can I help you? Girl Yes, I’m ringing about the job of hotel receptionist.
R I’ll put you through to the manager. Hold the line, please. Manager Hello, can I help you?
G Yes, I’m calling about the post of hotel receptionist and I was wondering if I could ask you some questions.
M Sure. What would you like to know?
G Well, first of all, may I ask what the job involves?
M The main responsibilities are checking guests in, checking guests out, and answering the phone.
G OK. I’d be interested to know what experience is required.
M Yes, ideally we want someone who has experience of working in a hotel, and has dealt with guests.
G Well, I worked in a hotel in my hometown for three months last summer.
M That sounds ideal. And knowledge of French or Spanish would be an advantage.
G I speak a bit of French.
M That’s good. You also need to be polite and hard-working, and very patient when dealing with the guests.
G Yes, I’m sure I can do that. Moving on to the question of pay, I’d like to know what the salary is.
M The salary is £250 for a 35-hour week.
G And are travel expenses included?
M No, they aren’t.
G I see. Thank you.
M Well, we’re interviewing next week. If you are still interested, please fill in the application online, and we’ll contact you.


Exercise 6 page 68
1 I was wondering

2 May I ask
3 I’d be interested to know

4 I’d like to know

See exercise 5.


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