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Обкладинка ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key

ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key



Unit 6 High flyers

6A Vocabulary

Describing character

Exercise 1 page 62
1 ambitious

2 cheerfulness

3 creative

4 enthusiasm
5 flexible

6 generosity

7 honest

8 idealism
9 intelligent

10 loyalty

11 mature

12 modesty
13 optimistic

14 patience

15 pessimistic
16 punctuality

17 realistic

18 self-confidence
19 serious

20 shyness

21 sociable

22 stubbornness
23 sympathetic

24 thoughtfulness

Exercise 2 page 62
1 sense

2 common

3 skills

4 lack

5 courage
6 communicating

7 initiative

8 energy

Exercise 3 page 62
1 pessimistic

2 a good sense of humour

3 punctual
4 honest

5 modest

6 sociable

7 courage
8 sympathetic

9 shows lots of initiative

Exercise 4 page 62
1 cheerful, optimistic

2 intelligent, ambitious
3 serious, patient


1 My friend Andy is great company – he’s great to do thingswith and hang out with. This is because he’s usually ina good mood. In fact, I can’t remember the last time hewas in a bad mood! He’s always smiling and making a jokeabout something. He tends to see the positive in everysituation and usually finds something nice to say abouteverybody. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like him.He’s a great friend to me, especially because I worry a lotand tend to see the negative side of life. But when I spendtime with him, I always feel better after a while.

2 I’m very impressed with my sister Elise. She’s always beengood at school and she’s usually at the top of the class orsomewhere near it. She’s got a good brain and uses it. Sheunderstands things quickly and remembers things well. Itcould make her a bit lazy, but actually she’s the opposite! Sheworks extremely hard. And she’s also very focused. She usuallyhas a plan and she works towards it. Now she wants to go toa top university to study biology, which is a very difficult thingto achieve, but she’s determined. And I have no doubt thatshe will manage it. She’s not afraid to aim high and put thework in to achieve her goals. I’m going to be more like her.

3 My dad is an interesting person, although he doesn’t talka lot and he doesn’t smile easily. But he reads a lot andthinks about things. And he takes a while before he givesyou his opinion about something. But that’s OK becausewhen he does finally express his view on a topic, thenyou know it’s worth listening to and you might learnsomething. He’s also very helpful with my homework.He’ll sit for hours explaining things to me. He never rushesme or gets annoyed if I don’t understand something.In fact, he’ll start from the beginning and go through it allagain until I get it. I think he really enjoys it.


Exercise 5 page 62
A 2

C 1

D 3

The extra sentence is B.

See exercise 4.


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