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ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key


9F Drawing conclusions page 81

1. 1 by
3 assume
2 take
4 leads

2. Students’ own answers

3–4. 1 clear

2 kind

3 foreground

4 some

5 to
6 obviously
7 points
8 celebrity
9 suggest

10 such

Transcript WB 20

It’s hard to say where the photo has been taken but it’s clear from the fact that there is a wide river running through it that it’s some kind of major city. The man in the foreground has climbed up onto some sort of platform – it looks like a rubbish bin to me. He’s holding onto the street sign so he’s obviously finding it hard to balance. Other people are watching too which points to the fact that he’s probably trying to get a shot of some event or a visiting celebrity. He could just be a tourist, but he’s going to great lengths to position himself which would suggest that he’s a professional photographer. We can’t see what building he’s waiting outside but it’s probably a hotel or some such place.

5. Students’ own answers

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