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Обкладинка ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key

ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key



9D Hoaxes page 78–79

1. 1 former
2 grab
3 alarm
4 tool
5 complexity

6 sense

7 order

8 appealing

9 cause

10 belief


2. 1 CBS
2 three experts in history
3 Hence Gutzli
4 the FBI
5 Hence Gutzli
6 Gerd Heidemann

3. 1 F

2 C

3 A

4 G

5 E

6 B

4. 1 T These and more unanswered questions very quickly led the world’s Internet users to one conclusion: it was a hoax.
2 F ... a trip he’d made to New York in 1997
3 T Unfortunately for Hence, one of his friends decided to share his e-mail with the rest of the world.
4 F … have been motivated by interests other than attempts at humour of questionable taste.
5 T The Sunday Times announced an exclusive that was sure to increase its circulation: the serialisation of Adolf Hitler’s diaries.

6 F Heidemann claimed that the diaries had been hidden in an East German barn when in fact they were the work of a forger, Konrad Paul Kujau.
7 F ... the channel had to admit they were probably a hoax
8 F CBS asked the source of their documents to send the originals but ... the originals had apparently been destroyed soon after they were faxed.


5. 1 a snap

2 (dramatic) impact

3 an appeal

4 an exclusive

5 circulation

6 surface

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