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ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key


9E Passive structures page 80

1. 1 have been played

2 have been fooled

3 be built

4 be funded

5 had been invented

6 was supposed

7 was claimed

8 be changed

9 be prevented
10 to be demolished
11 be made
12 was not reported

2. 1 When Dan’s feeling ill, he likes to be given lots of attention.
2 I felt that my case wasn’t being taken seriously (by the police).
3 It was the longest film that had ever been made.
4 His restaurant is described (by food critics) as the best in the country.
5 The prisoners shouldn’t have been treated so badly.

3. 2 Caught shoplifting for a second time, John Bates was made to pay a fine.
3 Neglected by the previous owners, Felix the cat was given a nice new home by a couple in Grinstead.
4 Injured by a falling tree, Mary was driven to hospital by a neighbour.
5 Painted in 1893 (by Edvard Munch), The Scream was stolen a few years ago.

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