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ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key



Get ready for your exam 4 page 73–74

Reading: Elicit strategies for dealing with multiple-choice reading tasks. Encourage the students to read the text through to get the general idea before reading the task statements. Remind the students to underline the fragments of the text where they have found the answers.

Use of English: Remind the students to read the whole sentence first. Encourage them to focus on the grammatical correctness of each sentence when filling in the gaps.

Listening: Remind students that the order of the information in the recording will not be the same as the order of the statements in the task. Encourage them to read the questions carefully before listening, to underline the key words, and think of synonyms that they may hear. Play the recording twice. With a weaker group, discuss the answers before the second listening.

Writing: Read through and discuss the tasks together, then refer students to the Writing Bank for guidance. Students write the report or article at home or in class.

Speaking: Elicit strategies for the task from the students. Remind them to talk about each picture, comparing / contrasting them rather than just describing them. If necessary, in a weaker class, brainstorm ideas before starting. Students work in pairs to do the task.

Reading: 1 C, 2 C, 3 A, 4 D

Use of English: 1 see Martha off, 2 no use even trying to, 3 must have cost her, 4 did they realise how dangerous, 5 the local economy benefit from

Listening: Speaker 1: d, f; Speaker 2: a, e; Speaker 3: b, c


Transcript WB 18

Presenter And now, some more advice for those planning a journey. Here are a few gadgets you may want to add to your luggage.

Speaker 1 Travellers who don’t like to fiddle around with the small keyboard on their palmtop, mobile phone or other hand-held device may find the Virtual Keyboard useful. It’s about the size of a lighter, so it fits perfectly into your pocket. Unfortunately though, it does eat up your palmtop’s batteries within minutes, so you’ll need to find a socket. When hooked up to your palmtop, this device produces a light projection of a full-size keyboard. It even produces real typing sounds. The keyboard has software that studies the movement of your fingers to interpret and record keystrokes. It does make typing much easier, though not immediately. You see, since there’s nothing to actually press, you kind of have to re-learn typing and adapt to the sensitivity of the laser sensors. But once you get the hang of it, it does speed things up. And I must admit I do feel like a character in a sci-fi movie, which is fun.

Speaker 2 Part of the fun while travelling is spending time outdoors. Unfortunately, camping or hiking, especially off the beaten track, means being away from the nearest electrical socket. And in this modern world we all need power. Until recently the only solution was a heavy and dangerous gas-powered generator but now you can just steal the power from the sun! Just bring along your Solar Briefcase, and you’re away! Small, light and handy, it opens to reveal two powerful solar panels that generate thirteen watts of power. That’s enough to power a laptop or charge mobile phone batteries. Of course, the downside is that on a rainy day when you’re bored out of your mind you still won’t be able to watch movies on your laptop. Speaker 3 I love to travel to exotic places. In fact, the rougher the conditions the more exciting the place seems to me. But if you’re like me, this will sound familiar: you’re thirsty, you enter a local bar, get a glass of water and discover it smells like elephant droppings! I’m very particular about the quality of water I drink, so I never leave home without my ultraviolet water purifier. It looks like a fountain pen and you just stick it in the water. There’s no need to put any soluble tablets into your glass and there’s no chemical aftertaste. Also, the important thing is that there’s no need to plug it in. You just stick it in, turn it on and in about 48 seconds you have a glass of safe, drinkable water. It’s particularly good at killing bacteria which are a common cause of diarrhoea, and have ruined many an adventure in faraway places.


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