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ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key


4G Speaking

Photo comparison and discussion

Exercise 1 page 46


Both photos show houses. The house in photo

B is in afantastic place with lovely views down to the beach. Thehouse in photo

A is right by the beach. The house in Bstands on its own, whereas the house in

A is too close toother houses, so there wouldn’t be much privacy. The housein photo

B is much bigger than the house in photo

A. Thehouse in A doesn’t look very spacious – it isn’t much biggerthan a bungalow.I think I’d rather stay in the house photo

B. One reason isthat I’m a keen wind-surfer and the beach looks ideal forthat. Finally, I much prefer older houses, as they are generallycosier and more charming. The house in

A looks a bit boringto me.

Exercise 2 page 46
1 d

2 c

3 b

4 f 

5 a

6 g

7 e

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