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ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key


Exam Skills Trainer 2

Exercise 1 page 50

Correct: 1 B 2 A

Seem correct, but aren’t: 1 A 2 C

Exercise 2 page 50
1 D

2 A

3 C

4 C

Exercise 3 page 50
1 worked hard

2 didn’t want to

3 enjoyed

4 talk to
5 his bedroom didn’t

Exercise 4 page 51
1 an old detached

2 smaller

3 not

4 dad is
5 wants to


Liz I heard that your family moved house recently. Where areyou living now?

Steve We moved to a village about five kilometres out oftown. It’s an old detached house with about an acre of land.L Wow, that sounds fantastic! Actually, we moved house lastmonth too, but it was just to a bigger flat in the same area.It must be really peaceful where you are.

S You know, it’s true that I sleep better there. I hadn’t reallyrealised how noisy our road in town was. But it’s so muchless convenient! I have guitar lessons in the evening, and I’min a school theatre production too, so I spend hours waitingfor buses. I used to just walk everywhere.

L Hmm. I’ve never really thought about that. We’re right inthe centre of town, so everything’s so close. So where didthe idea of moving to the countryside come from?

S Well ... my mum had always wanted to live in the country,and she’s really enjoying having a big garden now. My dadseems to like it there as well. He likes doing DIY projects, andlots of things in the house are broken, so there’s plenty forhim to do. So I’m the only one who’s not exactly thrilled.

L Well, I wouldn’t mind putting up with it! I’d give anythingto live in the countryside.

S I’m not so keen on it. But in a couple of years I’ll be goingoff to university, so I’ll just put up with it until then.

Exercise 5 page 51
1 A

2 D

3 C

4 C

Exercise 6 page 51
1 should

2 could

3 would

4 sure

5 keen
6 good

Exercise 8 page 51
1 In my view

2 a widely held

3 What is more

4 vital that

Руский Барин
Телевизор посмотрел? Иди похрюкай в поле, да Руских людей матом не называй, да и про матушку помалкивай, мы захватили половину вашей территории, хохол. У нас самая сильная армия в мире, мы и ваших дружков НАТОвцев разобьем, и Украину захватим
пошли нахуй москали ебаные в аду горите швали ваша россия ебаная никому не нужна но за то с удовольствием посмотрю как кремль взорвется, поплачьте
Завали ебало сын шлюхиииииииииии, Я твоей матери ебло топтал ногами пока она не захлебнулась в собственной крови. 10y.o Уебан блять, твоего отца уже давно расстреляли где-то под Харьковом. Подожди ещё 2 месяца и мы вас Уничтожем, всех нахуй ВСЕХ.
сосите хохлы
ні бл*ять сама до себе
Ти до мене?
от блять не подобаеться то пиши сам
От де переключити сторінки на 91 чи я маю гортати
Ви не правду пишете
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