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ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key


10F Presentation page 89

1. 1 what
2 on
3 slipped

4 escapes

5 tip

2. Speaker 1 What? viruses Example: If you get one, just when you need a lot of sympathy, everyone avoids you.

Speaker 2 What? computer viruses Example: They cause a lot of damage.

Transcript WB 21

Speaker 1 I’d love somebody to do away with these. They creep up on you when you’re least expecting them to. Sometimes they’re quite mild but at other times they can knock you for six. They get hold of anybody and everybody but you’re particularly vulnerable to them if you’re feeling stressed or slightly run-down. The worst thing about them is that at a time when you are in need of lots of sympathy, everybody sh– er the word’s just slipped my mind, well, it’s another word for avoid, everybody avoids you in case you pass it on to them. Once you’ve got one you know you’re going to have to experience all the different symptoms, like a blocked nose, sore throat, chesty cough and so forth. Hopefully, one day scientists will find a way of knocking them on the head completely.

Speaker 2 I’d love to see the back of these malicious things, which cause so much damage. There are thousands of different types of them and they are created for a variety of purposes. Some of them are used to steal sensitive information but most seem to have been created purely to inconvenience people. Something else that really gets to me about these things, the name escapes me for the moment, is that you are forced to spend money in order to be protected against them. I really don’t understand what motivates the people who create them. I suppose they do it to prove how powerful they are or in some cases to prove how vulnerable Windows is.

3. 1 away
2 knock, six
3 run

4 knocking, head

5 see, back

6 vulnerable

4. a knock you for six
b run-down
c do away with, knock them on the head
d find a way of
e see the back of
f malicious

5. 1 middle
2 across
3 less
4 looks
5 colours
6 serve
7 comes

8 rough

9 yellowish

10 shaped

11 handy

12 handle

13 by

14 sharp

a contact lenses
b an avocado
c a Stanley (craft) knife

6–7 Students’ own answers

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