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ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key


10E Complex sentences page 88

1. 1 The Wieliczka salt mines, which are outside Krakow, are really worth visiting.
2 That’s the guy who fixed the puncture on my bike.
3 The fugu fish, whose organs contain a poison which can kill you instantly, is a delicacy in Japan.
4 My brother borrowed my iPod, which meant that I couldn’t listen to music on the bus.
5 I bought a bag yesterday which seems rather flimsy.
6 We had some delicious cake my grandmother had made.

2. 1 I was over the moon when I found the ring I had been looking for.
2 We’re going to see a Roman villa which I once did a school project on.
3 We watched the road movie that Greg was telling me about.
4 Laura got the promotion (that) Sara had set her sights on.
5 Katie’s seeing Joe, who Sharma used to go out with.

3. 1 The winner of the 2000 Darwin Awards is posthumously known as Jumping Jack Cash, whose foolish exploits you may have heard about.

2 The scene of his stupidity was the Grand Canyon, to which thousands of tourists flock every year.
3 The canyon contains some particularly steep drops, around which fences have been built to prevent sightseers plummeting to their deaths.
4 Close to some of the drops are small towering plateaus onto which you could jump if you were feeling very brave.
5 Tourists like to throw coins on to the plateaus, some of which pile onto the surfaces, while others fall to the valley floor below.
6 Jumping Jack Cash leaped over to a plateau on which was a huge pile of coins and he filled his bag with them.

7 He tried to leap back but his bag, which was now full of coins, prevented him, and he plunged to the bottom.

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