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ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key



5C Listening

Navigation nightmare

Exercise 1 page 54
1 camcorder

2 MP3 player

3 satnav
4 Bluetooth headset

5 smartwatch

6 games console
7 tablet

8 digital radio, Bluetooth speaker, smartphone
9 memory stick


Exercise 2 page 54
1 O

2 O

3 F

4 O


1 Boy Have you read about this new computer virus thataffects tablets and smartphones? I’m really worried aboutlosing all my photos.

Girl You should keep a copy of them, just in case.B Where? On a CD?

G In my opinion, a memory stick is the best place to keepcopies.

B Really? I could easily lose a memory stick – they’re tiny.

G Well, buy two then. They don’t cost very much.

2 Boy I really want to buy one of these new smartwatches.

Girl They’re so expensive though. It’s not the right time tobuy one.

B What do you mean?

G As I see it, the price is likely to come down over the nextfew years. That always happens with new technology.

B I suppose so.

3 Boy Did you see this report? Apparently, most peoplethese days prefer to watch a film on their tablet than go tothe cinema.

Girl That’s ridiculous! In my view, it’s much better to see it atthe cinema. You get the big screen – and the sound is great.

B I agree. I’d never watch a film on a tablet.

4 Girl Look at this photo – it’s a rubbish dump in Africa. It’swhere a lot of our old gadgets end up.

Boy That’s terrible. It looks so polluted.

G The problem is, people are buying more and more gadgets.

B But is that true? It seems to me that people don’thave as many gadgets these days. I mean, they’ve gota smartphone – and that does everything.

G Maybe. But they replace their smartphone quite often.

Exercise 3 page 54
1 opinion

2 as

3 in

4 problem

5 to

See exercise 2.

Exercise 5 page 54
1 a

2 c

3 c

4 b

1 Man I think we’re here – look, the Adelphi Hotel.
Woman Really? But this is West Way. We need Windsor Avenue. Our hotel is in Windsor Avenue.
M But our hotel is definitely called the Adelphi, isn’t it?

W Yes. Maybe there are two Adelphi hotels.
M I don’t think there could be two Adelphi hotels in the same part of London.
W It seems to me that the hotel probably has two buildings – one here and one in Windsor Avenue.
M Yes, that seems more likely. We’re quite close to Windsor Avenue.
W Let’s try and park. Or do you want me to go in and ask?
M Yes, that’s a good idea. I’ll stop here and you can ask at reception.
2 Man What are you doing?
Woman I’m looking at the map. I’m working out exactly where we are.
M But I know exactly where we are. Look – my phone can tell us. We’re here, half way between these two villages.
W Yes, I know that. But where does this little road go? Does it cross the river?
M I’m not sure. I’ll just zoom in ... Hmm. That’s strange.
W What?
M The map has disappeared. I can’t get a signal. Oh, hang on. If I hold the phone up here, I can get a signal. But then I can’t see what’s on the screen, it’s too small.

W So, let’s look at my map. Yes, I see. The road crosses the river and then goes along the side of this field. Come on, follow me!
M It must be that hill. It’s blocking the signal. OK, we’ll use your map.
3 Woman Hello! Excuse me!

Pedestrian Yes? Can I help you?
W We’re trying to find the Willow Sports Centre.
P Er ... the tennis club?
W No, it’s a sports centre. There’s a gym there and a swimming pool. It’s called the Willow Sports Centre.
P You go straight on at these traffic lights, then you turn left. Keep going up the hill. Then turn right at the cross- roads. It’s just there on the left.

Man So straight on at the lights, turn left, up the hill, then right at the crossroads.
P Yes.
M Thanks.
W Thank you! Why are you going left? He said straight on at the lights.

M Yes, but he didn’t know, did he? I mean, he didn’t sound very sure. I think it’s up this road.
W Well, you might be right. Let’s see.
M He’s waving at us. Look!
W Oh dear, how embarrassing! He’s just trying to be helpful.
M Don’t worry. He probably thinks we’ve forgotten what he said.
4 Man Phew! I just made it in time! Do you mind if I sit here?
Woman No, please, go ahead.
M Thanks. Ah ... it’s good to sit down. I really thought I was going to miss this train!
W Yes, you got on just before it left.
M I had to run to the platform. But at least I can sit down now all the way to Oxford.
W Oxford? This train doesn’t go to Oxford.
M Oh no! Where does it go?
W It goes to Bristol.
M You’re joking!
W You needed the next train – the one at 10:04. This is the 9:55 to Bristol.
M But it was after 10 o’clock when I got on ...
W I know. We left a bit late. But it’s definitely the train to Bristol.
M What am I going to do? I’m going to an interview in Oxford. I can’t be late!
W Don’t worry. This train stops at Reading. Just get off there and wait a few minutes. You can get on your train to Oxford. You won’t even need to change platform. And you’ll get to Oxford on time.
M Great! Thank you so much.
W No problem.


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