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ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key


7E Adding emphasis page 62

1. Students’ own answers

2. 1 Not only do they generate zero emissions, but they travel at 40 kph.
2 What will be attractive to users is its promised convenience.
3 No longer will passengers have to share public transport with other unknown people.
4 Not until after it has been put to the test will we know whether it will live up to its promises.
5 It is the possibility of vandalism as well as the negative visual impact of the elevated tracks that may put some investors off.

3. 1 Never have I tasted such awful food.
2 I was late for the meeting, but I did call to explain.
3 It was a ginger cat that peered out of the window.
4 The problem is that he’s bone idle.
5 I do beg your pardon! 6 It wasn’t me that took the wallet. 7 What a nasty cough you’ve got. 8 What on earth are you talking about?

Challenge! Students’ own answers

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