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ГДЗ Solutions B1 Exam Preparation (2nd edition Ukraine) answer key


Unit 2 Looking Back

Exercise 1
1 played
2 went
3 arrived
4 discovered
5 didn’t start
6 was waiting
7 didn’t have
8 began
9 was running
10 fell
11 hurt
12 lost

Exercise 2
1 ashamed of
2 irritated with/at/by
3 satisfied with
4 confused about
5 relieved about
6 scared of
7 bored with/of

Exercise 3
1 all of a sudden
2 As soon as
3 Within seconds
4 For the next few minutes
5 Meanwhile
6 Eventually
7 then
8 before

Use of English
Exercise 4
1 A

2 C

3 A

4 C

5 B

Exercise 5
1 B

2 B

3 A

4 C

5 B

6 A

Writing: An informal letter narrating an event

Exercise 6

1 The writer should apologise for the lack of recent contact and explain the reason.

2 present perfect, past simple, past continuous, past perfect

3 Possible answers: amused, surprised/amazed/astonished, delighted, excited, fascinated, interested, pleased, satisfied, thrilled

Exercise 7

The man on the cover of the game was the footballer in the

department store.

Exercise 8

1a past simple and past continuous: I was in a department store in town. It was unusually busy. I was browsing through computer games and I was looking at a football game

1b `past simple: When people started screaming, I got scared, but a few seconds later I saw someone I recognised behind them

1c past simple: I was looking at a football game when suddenly I noticed some tough men in suits walking towards me.

1d past perfect: I was even more pleased after I’d managed to get his autograph and photo.

2a sooner

2b a few seconds later

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