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Обкладинка ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key

ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key



3B Grammar

Speculating and predicting

Exercise 1 page 31
2 I definitely won’t go to bed late tonight.
3 Tom will definitely pass all his exams.
4 Lisa could / may / might go to the doctor’s tomorrow.
5 I may not / might not get the answer right.
6 Fred will probably see his girlfriend this weekend.
7 Jade probably won’t play computer games this evening.

Exercise 2 page 31
1 Scientists probably won’t find a cure for cancer in the near future.

2 Doctors definitely won’t find a cure for the common cold.

3 Millions of people may get ill from the flu virus this winter.

4 Bio-printing of organs will definitely become a reality.

5 People will probably be healthier in the future.

6 Antibiotics might not be effective in the future.

Exercise 3 page 31
1 d

2 f

3 a

4 b

5 c

6 e


Exercise 4 page 31
1 find, will live

2 gets, will rise

3 will die out, protect
4 won’t be able to, don’t use

5 cut down, will be
6 get rid of, will be

Exercise 5 page 31
1 If you go to the cinema, I might go too.
2 The weather may not / might not be very good tomorrow.
3 ✓
4 Sam probably won’t be at home this evening.
5 ✓
6 I’ll go to the concert if the tickets are cheap.


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