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ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key


Unit 1 Generations

1A Vocabulary

Ages and stages

Exercise 1 page 8

1 toddler

2 in his teens

3 She’s middle-aged.

4 He/ She’s an infant.

5 He’s a centenarian.

6 She’s elderly.
7 He/She’s a young child.

8 He’s in his twenties.

Exercise 2 page 8
1 be

2 start

3 fall

4 inherit

5 learn

6 split
7 go

8 move

9 get

10 get

11 be

12 emigrate
13 married

14 home / school

15 a family / school
16 down

17 home / school

18 a family / school
19 a change of career

20 a grandparent

21 up
22 away

23 a house or flat

24 divorced

25 from work

Exercise 4 $ 1.02 page 8
1 late twenties

2 early twenties

3 30–35

4 30 (or so)

1 Interviewer In your opinion, when is the best age for young people to leave home? Woman Well, it obviously depends on the circumstances. But I wouldn’t advise young people to be in a hurry to leave home. The advantage of living with your parents, even when you’re working, is that you can save money. It can benefit your parents too, as you can pay them rent and also help out with housework, and so on. But I would say that your late twenties would be a good time to leave home.

2 Interviewer What’s the best age to learn to drive, do you think? Girl Well, my brother learned to drive as soon as he could, at the age of seventeen. But he couldn’t afford a car until he was 21. When he finally bought one, he’d forgotten a lot of what he’d been taught and had to have more lessons before he felt confident to drive. So, I’d say wait till you are in your early twenties, when you can afford a car.

3 Interviewer What’s the best age to start a family, in your opinion? Boy I think most couples wait a few years before they start a family, and I think that’s quite sensible – it’s important to settle down first and have a nice home. And most people find themselves in the situation when they’re between about 30 and 35. 4 Interviewer In your opinion, what’s the best age to buy a house or flat? Girl Most young couples in the UK want to own their own home and they usually try to do this when they are about 30 or so, and they are settled in their careers. And I think that’s about the right age. Before that, they don’t usually have enough money.

Руский Барин
Телевизор посмотрел? Иди похрюкай в поле, да Руских людей матом не называй, да и про матушку помалкивай, мы захватили половину вашей территории, хохол. У нас самая сильная армия в мире, мы и ваших дружков НАТОвцев разобьем, и Украину захватим
пошли нахуй москали ебаные в аду горите швали ваша россия ебаная никому не нужна но за то с удовольствием посмотрю как кремль взорвется, поплачьте
Завали ебало сын шлюхиииииииииии, Я твоей матери ебло топтал ногами пока она не захлебнулась в собственной крови. 10y.o Уебан блять, твоего отца уже давно расстреляли где-то под Харьковом. Подожди ещё 2 месяца и мы вас Уничтожем, всех нахуй ВСЕХ.
сосите хохлы
ні бл*ять сама до себе
Ти до мене?
от блять не подобаеться то пиши сам
От де переключити сторінки на 91 чи я маю гортати
Ви не правду пишете
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