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ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key



5F Presentation page 45

1. Students’ own answers

2. a, d, e

WB 11

I’d like to state from the outset thatI don’t agree that tougher prisonsentences are the answer to knifecrime since spending time in prisonin the company of hardened criminalsis not going to make a young personless likely to re-offend. Of course manypeople would take a different view andsay that the threat of imprisonment is a good deterrent for any potentialknife criminal. However, to my mind,that argument doesn’t hold water sincemost knife criminals don’t believe theywill get caught. It can also be arguedthat for some criminals a spell inprison just adds to their tough imageand gives them increased respect inthe eyes of some members of theircommunity.The government has also attempted totackle the problem with er ... what’s theword? ... erm when they allow peoplefor a limited period of time to handin illegal knives and other weaponswithout getting punished. Oh, yes ... anamnesty. But I entirely reject the notionthat this is a useful strategy becauseknife crimes are often committed usingknives that are easily obtained fromthe kitchen drawer.So I’d now like to deal with somealternative solutions. One way forwardis for the government to educatepeople better through, say, workshopsand school talks about the dangers ofcarrying knives, making it clear thatknives make you less safe rather thanmore safe, and could easily be turnedagainst you. I also think there couldbe some merit in arranging meetingsbetween knife criminals and the knifeattack victims. This way people areforced to face up to the consequencesof what they have done and I believeit could have a far deeper impactthan imprisonment. Another effectivemeasure could be to arrange forpeople who have been caught in thepossession of knives to visit prisonsand meet up with young people whohave been convicted of actually usingknives on other people.To conclude, then, I’d like to reiteratethe point that I made earlier that knifecrime can’t be eradicated by stifferprison sentences.


3. 1 different view
2 doesn’t hold water
3 be argued
4 reject, notion
5 deal with
6 reiterate, point

4. 1 b

2 c
3 b
4 c
5 a
6 d

5. 1 admit

2 on to

3 hand

4 Returning to

5 restate
6 merit
7 to

6. 1 b
2 a
3 c
4 d
5 d
6 b
7 a

7–8. Students’ own answers


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