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ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key


1B Inheritance page 4

1. 1 T



4 T

5 T

Transcript WB 01

Hmm. That’s a very interesting question … Well, physically, I take after my mum, I suppose. Our facial features are pretty similar — same eyes, same-shaped forehead. I’ve seen photos of her when she was my age and apart from the eighties hairstyle we’re the spitting image of each other! Some people say that they can see a strong family resemblance between my dad and me. I can’t see it myself, not facially anyway — although there are certain similarities in our physical build. I also seem to have inherited his big feet, unluckily for me. It was the first thing my parents noticed when I was born! Personality-wise, I’ve got a lot of my dad’s traits in me. We’re both quite bubbly and friendly (or so people say), and we share quite a laid-back approach to life. When it comes to taste, though, I reckon I’ve got more in common with my mum. She’s got a knack of choosing really brilliant birthday presents for me, be it clothes, pictures or whatever, basically because she likes the same kinds of things as I do. We also share a liking for the same kinds of food, like olives and strawberries, and neither of us can stand bananas and coffee! It’s a bit uncanny really. Is it something she’s passed on to me genetically, or is it learned behaviour? Who knows?

2. 1 I take after my mum
2 the spitting image
3 a strong family resemblance between
4 lot of my dad’s traits
5 comes to, more in common
6 she’s passed on to me genetically

3. 1 There’s a strong resemblance between Paul and Joe.

2 Phobias can be genetically inherited.
3 When it comes to politics, Edward and his dad have a lot in common.
4 Luke is the spitting image of Matt Damon.
5 Personality-wise, I take after my mum.

4. 1 never used to
2 always used to
3 used to
4 would help / helped
5 didn’t use to
6 was thinking
7 didn’t use
8 used to resent
9 are forever mistaking
10 think
11 didn’t / didn’t use to
12 say
13 don’t / won’t
14 borrowed

5. (possible answers)
1 Well, you will go to bed late every night.
2 Well, you will refuse to wear a coat.
3 Well, she would keep driving too fast in the town.
4 Well, he would keep misbehaving in class.
5 Well, you would keep eating too much.

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