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ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key


2E Narrative tenses page 16

1. 1 past perfect continuous

2 past simple
3 past continuous
4 future in the past
5 past perfect
6 used to

2. a 2

b 6

c 4

d 1

e 3

f 5

3. 1 been seeing
2 have gone
3 looked
4 forgotten
5 was taking
6 been waiting, forgotten

4. There was once a wolf who used to wander out every night in search of a lamb for his dinner. But recently this wolf has had been having difficulty getting enough to eat because the shepherds in the area were particularly vigilant. One day he was coming came across a sheep’s fleece which a sheep shearer had been throwing thrown on the floor and forgotten. It had given gave the wolf a cunning idea. He decided that later he is was going to put on the fleece. Thus disguised he would be able to sneak up on the sheep without the shepherd noticing him. So that evening, just as the sun had been was setting, he went out in his new disguise. He was strolling strolled confidently into a field where some sheep grazed were grazing. He had spotted a juicy-looking lamb and was just going to pounce on it, when a shepherd, who looked was looking for a sheep to slaughter for his own dinner, quickly was grabbing grabbed the wolf, thinking it was a sheep, and killed it.

5. Students’ own answers

6. 1 c

2 a

3 g

4 d

5 f

6 e

7 b

8 h

9 j

10 i

7. Students’ own answers

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