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ГДЗ Solutions Intermediate Workbook (3rd edition) answer key


1G Speaking


Exercise 1 page 14
1 should phone

2 ought to take
3 you should take

4 you ought to
5 ought to decorate

6 you should speak

Exercise 2 $ 1.06 page 14
1 Most time: topic

4 Not discussed: topic 3

Examiner So, tell me about the English student who stayed with you. Student He was called Harry and he stayed with us for a month.
E Did he share your room?
S No, he didn’t. He had my bedroom, and I shared with my brother. It was fine. What are you going to do when your student arrives?
E Oh, we’ve got a spare room – so she’ll sleep there. But we need to make the room nice for her … put up some pictures, that kind of thing.
S Yes, good idea. And will she go to school with you while
she’s there?
E Yes, she will. I hope she fits in OK.
S Harry really enjoyed going to my school. It took him a few days to feel comfortable there, though. He didn’t understand most of the lessons because they were in a foreign language!
E Did he have to do the homework?
S Yes, he did. But of course the teachers knew about the language problem. He actually did well in some subjects. He helped me with my maths!
E My student only speaks English. She’s going to have problems at school, I’m sure.
S But she’ll learn quickly. You’ll be surprised!
E I suppose so. Actually, I’m not really worried about school. My main worry is, will she miss her friends and family?
S Yes, that’s true. A month is a long time. But you can help her to feel at home.
E Do you think I should have a party when she arrives, so she can meet all my friends? That might make her feel at home.
S Yes, that’s not a bad idea.

Exercise 4 $ 1.06 page 14
1 share

2 make

3 took

4 do

5 did

6 miss

See exercise 2.

Exercise 5 page 14
A topic 3

B topic 4

C topic 2

D topic 1

Руский Барин
Телевизор посмотрел? Иди похрюкай в поле, да Руских людей матом не называй, да и про матушку помалкивай, мы захватили половину вашей территории, хохол. У нас самая сильная армия в мире, мы и ваших дружков НАТОвцев разобьем, и Украину захватим
пошли нахуй москали ебаные в аду горите швали ваша россия ебаная никому не нужна но за то с удовольствием посмотрю как кремль взорвется, поплачьте
Завали ебало сын шлюхиииииииииии, Я твоей матери ебло топтал ногами пока она не захлебнулась в собственной крови. 10y.o Уебан блять, твоего отца уже давно расстреляли где-то под Харьковом. Подожди ещё 2 месяца и мы вас Уничтожем, всех нахуй ВСЕХ.
сосите хохлы
ні бл*ять сама до себе
Ти до мене?
от блять не подобаеться то пиши сам
От де переключити сторінки на 91 чи я маю гортати
Ви не правду пишете
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