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ГДЗ Робочий зошит з англійської мови 5 клас Карп’юк О.Д. 2018 рік (Нова програма)


Unit 2

Lesson 1. All about my friends

Ex. 1 p. 22

Luka is very musical. He has got a lot of CDs. Tom has got two brothers. He is sporty. David has got a telescope. He is very clever. Jasmine is helpful and polite. She has got an interesting hobby. Lolly has got a lot of unusual pets. She is curious.

Ex. 2 p. 22

1. Imaginative
2. Sporty
3. Popular
4. Unusual
5. Rude
6. Tidy
7. Curious
8. Helpful
9. Funny
10. Nice
11. Shy
12. Clumsy
13. Polute
14. Lazy
15. Musical
16. Clever

Ex. 3 p. 23

a. Everybody likes Luke. He is popular.
b. David is an excellent pupil. He is clever.
c. Jasmine writes interesting stories. She is helpful.
d. Jack can play the guitar and piano. He is musical.
e. My classmate has got green hair. He is funny.
f. Jasmine doesn’t like talking to new people. She is shy.
g. I always say ‘thank you’. I am polite.
h. Lolly asks a lot of questions. She is curious.

Ex. 4 p. 23

My mother is helpful.

My father is sporty.

My brother is sporty. My brother is clever.

My sister is shy.

My best friend is polite.

Ex. 5 p. 23

My name is Olha. My nickname is Olia. I am polite and helpful. I am a very good pupil. Sometimes I am shy. I have got green eves and long hair. I am in the fifth form. I have a lot of friends. I am not rude. I like music very much. I can speak English.

Ex. 6 p. 24

What is your name? Mv name is Peter.

Have you got a nickname? Me nickname is Pig. Where are you got from? I am from Kviv.

Have you got a big family? Yes, I have.

Are you lonely? No. I am not.

Who is your best friend? My best friends is Ann.

How old is she/he? She is 10.

Is she/he kind and friendly? She is friendly.

Has she/he dot a brother/sister? She has a sister.

Ex. 7 p. 24








to cheat



to trust



to invite

to expect

to tease

to join

Ex. 9 p. 25

Do you have animals at home?

Do you help mother at home?

Are you sporty?

Do you respect people?

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