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Unit 4. Lesson 1. Weather mix

Ех. З, p. 147
1. When the weather is sunny the sky is blue.
2. When the weather is rainy the sky is grey.
3. When the weather is wincly the sky is white.
4. When the weather is foggy the sun is yellow.
5. When the weather is stormy the clouds are grey.

Ex. 1, p. 150
1. It is often very warm in autumn.
2. It is often very warm in April.
3. It is always very nice in March.
4. It isn’t usually dry in March.
5. It is sometimes dry in autumn.
6. It is sometimes dry in September.

Ex. 2, p. 150
1. When does it often rain in Kyiv?
2. Where does it often rain?
3. Does it snow in Africa?
4. Where does it never snow?
5. Does it usually rain in October?

Ex. 4, p. 152
1. Hot.
2. Very warm.
3. Warm.
4. Warm.
5. Warm.
6. Warm.
7. Cold.
8. Very cold.

Ex. 2, p. 157
A. 1. Is raining.
2. Am doing.
3. Is cooking.
4. Are lying.
5. Is having.
6. Isn’t doing.
7. Isn’t helping.
8. Is playing.
B. Hi Peter,
How are you? The weather is hot and sunny today. The sun is shining brightly. The sky is blue and white. I am watching TV. My mum is reading a book. My father is repairing the boat. My brother is playing computer games. What are you doing?
Write ine.

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