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ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key


4C Protest songs page 31

1. 1 Performers, free
2 abolish, captivity
3 significance, political
4 environmental, economic
5 condemn

2. A civil rights worker was murdered in Mississippi and four black children were murdered at a church in Alabama. In the song Simone rejects the idea that African Americans shouldn’t expect fast change.

3. 1 at
2 for
3 of
4 her
5 where
6 but

7 had

8 In

9 the

10 which / that

11 many

12 abroad / overseas

4. 1 She played classical, jazz, soul, gospel and pop music, composed songs, played the piano and sang.
2 Her parents were asked to move from the front row to the back of the hall because they were black. Nina refused to play until her parents sat at the front again.
3 Because she was disgusted at the racism which continued to be a problem in the USA.


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