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ГДЗ Solutions Advanced Workbook (2nd edition) answer key



3B Friends page 22

1. 1 acquaintance
2 soulmate
3 fair-weather friend
4 workmate

Transcript WB 06
Speaker 1 There’s a guy I often bump into at parties called Jordan. I’m not sure where he lives exactly but I presume it’s somewhere nearby as I often see him taking his dog for a walk in the park opposite my house. Whenever I see him we have a bit of a chat, and often end up talking about football or generally putting the world to rights. He seems like a really interesting guy.

Speaker 2 Ruth and I go back about fifteen years — although we didn’t particularly hit it off at first for some reason. It was only when her family moved into our neighbourhood that we became very close and we’ve remained so ever since. I went through a really tough time just before my A levels: I had some family problems which left me feeling pretty low and she really got me through all that. Even now she’s the one that I’ll always turn to in times of need because I know that she really understands me and she knows that she can always lean on me too.

Speaker 3 I met Jacob when we were at art college. I was really drawn to him because he had such a brilliant sense of humour. In our first year we did everything together, Jacob and I. I confided in him, told him all my deepest worries and insecurities. We were best mates as far as I was concerned. In our second year, I went through a very painful split with my girlfriend and felt really awful about it. But I knew Jacob would be supportive and would help me find the will to carry on during this time, or at least so I thought. As it turned out, he just didn’t want to know, he basically just dumped me, and found himself a new friend that he could go out and have a good time with. Oh well, it’s his loss!

Speaker 4 Gill and I have known each other for about two years — since I joined St Mary’s school. We get on pretty well, on a superficial level at least, and tend to socialise in the staff room. I’ve been in trouble a couple of times recently over issues such as not getting paperwork done on time and each time Gill has stepped in to defend me. I can always rely on her to be on my side in those situations. Life can be pretty stressful for a newly qualified teacher like me so I really appreciate having supportive colleagues like Gill!


2. 1 got me through
2 turn to in times
3 can always lean on me
4 find the will to carry on
5 to be on my side


3. 1 Tim and Fiona have had their ups and downs.
2 Jenna knows me inside out.
3 Steve and Jess have fallen out and aren’t speaking to each other.
4 Matt and I have been through a lot together.
5 Becky and I go back eight years or so.
6 I’ve opened up to her a lot over the years.

4. 1 I’ve just eaten a whole chilli! e
2 He’s driven vans before. b

3 She’s had a virus for the last few days. d
4 I’ve been waiting over an hour for a bus. I’m going to walk. f
5 I’ve been revising for the last two hours. c
6 He’s been spending more time with his family lately. a


5. 1 ’ve been trying
2 haven’t been
3 ’ve got
4 ’ve been sharing
5 has only recently arrived
6 ’s been staying
7 hasn’t shown
8 hasn’t shown
9 hasn’t made
10 has been hanging out
11 have had
12 haven’t kicked


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